Panoramic view of Porto Montenegro marina from Gornja Lastva village.

Bunkering in Montenegro

Montenegro is the perfect destination to start your cruising. In Montenegro, you can get duty free fuel and oil to private and commercial vessels and save up to 50%. So You have the opportunity to refill your yacht with the cheapest fuel in Adriatic Region.

Montenegro Destinations will take care of all formalities concerning the supply of duty-free fuel. We are providing top-quality EURO Diesel fuel with a very low Sulphur content rate of 0.005%. The fuel complies with ISO 8217 standards and the latest Fuel Analysis Report is given prior to purchasing.

We are able to supply you with Duty-Free Fuel in Porto Montenegro marina, Port of Bar and Marina Bar.

Order for fuel should be placed at least 24h in advance during working days and 48h in advance during the weekend and on Monday. Please note that in the mid-summer season, it is advisable to put order 7 days in advance.

A valid vignette and a yacht stamp with the yacht’s details are required to take duty-free fuel. Upon completion of bunkering, the yacht must leave the territorial waters of Montenegro. Duty-free fuel can not be consumed in the country.

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